Overseas Registration

Overseas Registration

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Pesticide registration


Pesticide Registration Support

Not only specialised in the technical synthesis and formulation of pesticide products, Hefei Xingyu is also a service-oriented company who is able to provide more value added services for your agrochemical business in your country.


Our sophisticated services include,

Pesticide products registration in China

For all the companies involved in the agrochemical industry, pesticide registration is the most important part for production, sales and international trade.  With more than 12 years of domestic sale in China and international trading experience for agrochemical business,  Hefei Xingyu have extensive knowledge and experienced regulatory team  to provide customer pesticide registration service.

Hefei Xingyu regulatory team has a thorough understanding of the processes and requirements for registering pesticides with the ICAMA under Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China.

Also, we maintains a strong working relationship with the ICAMA (Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China) and other national and provincial regulatory authorities that may guarantee the quality of our pesticide registration service in China.

Our more than 100 ICAMA certificates (including 15 certificates for technical products and 86 certificates for formulated products) evidencing our great progress in domestic regulatory affairs will definitely help the company further market success in future.

Further, we can also help our foreign customers to get registration for their strong products before they can be introduced into China.

Both Production and Registration Based Business Strategy

Hefei Xingyu started its business from agrochemical manufacturing and domestic marketing in China in 2004.  After its fast growth in the past years, Hefei Xingyu has successfully entered some other foreign markets through some multinational companies after their strict plant auditing.


Hefei Xingyu is looking for more opportunities to export more products to other markets and paying more and more attention to registration.


With its dynamic registration team R & D, Hefei Xingyu can support customers to register its new products and defend its existing products worldwide.


The company’s regulatory team is made up of dozens of experienced managers and experts drawn from a diverse range of different backgrounds (e.g. chemists, agronomists, toxicologists, etc) and experiences (e.g. authorities, multi-national companies, contract research organizations, etc).  .


The company is making the following Investment to support our customers:
• Working with local consultants or customer’s registration experts  for regulatory affairs.
• Cooperating with well-recognized GLP labs for complete GLP reports.
• Registrations of innovated products based on R&D support and market understanding.

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