Quizalofop-P- tefuryl 40g/L EC

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Quizalofop-P- tefuryl 40g/L EC

Hefei Xingyu has been developing Quizalofop-P- tefuryl 40g/L EC for quite a long time by using its own technical material and its own proprietary formulation technology. Quizalofop-P- tefuryl 40g/L EC shows a high selectivity in controlling certain annual and perennial grass weeds as well as volunteer maize in crops like Canola, cruciferae, cucurbits, dry beans, groundnuts, lucerne, medics, onions, potatoes, soybeans, sunflowers, tomatoes, vines.


Quizalofop-P-tefuryl 40g/L EC is a selective aryloxyphenoxys chiral herbicide which high efficiency, low pollution and good biodegradability. It will be a great choice to replace the organophosphorus herbicides. 

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