Bentazone 80% SP

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Hefei Xiingyu launched a unique formulation for HUN JIANG LONG( bentazone 80% SP) recently.  This product is highly effective against some broadleaf weeds, sedges, Amaranthus, Dendranthema, Convolvulus,  Matricaria weeds, especially effective against Rhizoma Spargani. The active ingredient of this products has a long history as a successful selective herbicides widely used in rice, soyabean, wheat, peanuts, potatos, etc.


HUN JIANG LONG provides weeds management professionals more benefits that is praised widely. This high concentrated solid formulation will save a lot of transportation and packing cost.     Its unique formulation process saves workshop space and are also environment friendly.  Its patented recipe can guarantee a high performance when used according to label.

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