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Isoxaflutole 20%SC
    Publish time 2023-03-16 10:15    

Isoxaflutole is a selective herbicide for systemic and conductivity in maize field, which can be absorbed by weed roots, buds and stems.

Isoxaflutole 20%SC





Maize field

Annual weed

30-35 ml/mu

Soil spray

Isoxaflutole is a selective herbicide for systemic and conductivity in maize field, which can be absorbed by weed roots, buds and stems. The active ingredient of can be stably deposited on the surface of soil after spraying and the herbicidal activity can be activated again after rain. It has the characteristics of wide use window, convenient and flexible application, less soil moisture and rainfall influence during application.



Technical requirement for use:

1. Application period: Apply soil spray once after sowing and before emergence of maize. Adding 40kg of water per mu or add water according to local agricultural production practice to spray evenly. This product is strictly forbidden to apply after the maize leaves are unfolded.

2. Apply the medicine on a clear day with no wind, and do not use it on a windy day.

3. Use it no more than once per season.




1. Prolonged drought or continuous rainfall affect the efficacy to some extent.The dosage should be appropriately increased when the content of soil organic matter is higher than 5%. It is forbidden to use over dosage. Spraying should be even, so as not to affect the efficacy and cause phytotoxicity.

2. This product is used in alkaline soil or sandy soil with low organic matter content and strong leaching, sometimes causing yellowing and albino symptoms of maize leaves. Prohibited for use on inbred maize, sweet corn and popcorn varieties.

3. It is not easy to get full play to the phytotoxicity when there is little rain and poor soil moisture, so it is required to flatten the ground before sowing, compacted the ground after sowing, and added enough water when preparing solution.

4. Wear long clothes and trousers, gloves, glasses and masks when applying to avoid inhale solution. Do not eat and drink when applying. After application, wash hands, face and other exposed parts of the skin in time.

5. Toxic to bees, fish and other aquatic organism, silkworm. Effects on the surrounding bee colonies should be avoided during application. It is forbidden to use in the vicinity of flowering plants, silkworm nursery and mulberry garden. The release area of trichogramma and other natural enemies is prohibited.

6. Forbidden to use in the vicinity of aquiculture areas, ponds and other bodies of water.

7. Forbidden to clean application equipment in rivers and ponds or other water bodies; The remaining liquid after application shall not be dumped at will.

8. Pesticide packaging waste shall not be discarded at will or disposed of by itself, and shall be returned to the recycling station in time.

9. Avoid contact with pregnant and lactating women.

10. Avoid contact with oxidant because of the dangerous reaction contacting with oxidant potassium permanganate.  


First Aid:

1. If inhaled, immediately take in fresh air.

2. If on skiThis product should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated, rainproof place, not upside down. Keep away from fire and heat sourcesn or in eye, wash immediately with plenty of clear water.

3. If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately.

4. No specific antidote.



Storage and Transportation:

1. Stored in a cool, dry, ventilated, rainproof place. Do not turn over. Keep away from fire and heat sources.

2. Kept out of the reach of children, irrelevant persons and animals, and locked.

3. Do not store and transport with food, beverage, grain, seeds, feed.

4. In the process of transportation to sunscreen and rain-proof; Handling personnel should wear protective equipment and handle it with care to ensure that the container does not leak, collapse, fall or damage.

5. This product is chemically incompatible with medium oxidants. Avoid contact with oxidants.