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What Are The Characteristics Of Anhydrous Sodium Saccharin?
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What are the characteristics of anhydrous sodium saccharin

1. The purity is very high. Under normal circumstances, the higher the purity, the better the quality of anhydrous sodium saccharin. When we use it, the less processing we need to do, we can rest assured in many places. in use.

2. The sweetness will be higher. Therefore, when we use it in food factories and beverage factories, we do not need to use too much to achieve the desired effect, which allows us to better control the usage of saccharin sodium. This is because if we use more, there will be a certain bitter taste.

3. When we use it, we must distinguish its use level before using it. Also, if you don’t use saccharin sodium, you must keep it well. Although its stability is very strong, some environments will have a certain impact on anhydrous saccharin sodium.

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