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What Are The Main Diseases Of Grapes? Methods Of Preventing And Controlling Grape Diseases!
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Downy mildew: usually occurs more severely from June to July. Before or at the beginning of the onset, you can choose to use 78% Kebo or 80% necessary wettable powder 500-600 times or 27.12% copper noble suspension 500 times to prevent, and can prevent black pox, anthracnose, white rot at the same time Occurrence; in the middle and late stages of the disease, you can choose to use 60% gram wettable powder 600 times or 72% cymoxanil manganese zinc wettable powder 500 times or 72% glu WP 600 times or 58% Ledomer WP 500 times And other drugs for prevention and treatment.

Black pox, anthracnose: After the disease occurs, you can choose to use a lot of 68.75% easy-to-hold moisture 800-1000 times or 43% Hurricane suspension 3000-5000 times or 12.5% Lectobacillus wettable powder 1500 times and other agents for prevention.

White rot disease: It occurs initially in June. If there are heavy rains and typhoons in July and August, the disease will increase, especially when the fruit enters the ripening stage, and the susceptibility will increase significantly.

Powdery mildew: Hot and dry weather is conducive to the occurrence and prevalence of the disease. It occurs more severely from June to July, with less disease in the later stages of growth. Chemical control can choose 43% Hollyke suspension emulsion 3000-5000 times or 10% Shigao water dispersible granules 1500 times for control.

Gray mold: If the weather is hot and humid during the fruit coloring to maturity, it will often cause serious disease on the ears, especially in facility cultivation. The medicament can be used alternately with 50% protexine suspension 1000 times (prevention) or 40% Shijiale 800~1000 times or 50% Nongliling water dispersible granules 1000 times.

The above is the prevention method of the main diseases of grapes. For more crop disease prevention methods, please pay attention to Hefei Xingyu Chemical.