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Custom Manufacturing
Custom Manufacturing
Xingyu's offering for agrochemical customers is based on experience, quality and efficiency. Our customers entrust us with the production of innovative & state-of-the-art processes leading to advanced intermediates as well as catalog products for the agricultural industry.
Production facilities
Whether you need small initial samples or tons of products, we are always ready to provide a solution for you. Our manufacturing strength stems from our comprehensive, integrated chemical and biotechnological network (our long-term technical tie-ups with many domestic universities and research institutions) and years of experience in custom manufacturing.
Advanced Equipment conducts
Xingyu has an excellent track record in custom manufacturing. We offer our customers the manufacturing of complex production which involves:

Production Plants
We have 2 ISO-regulated, multi-product & multi-purpose plants, which have the right balance of flexibility and automation due to the equipment of DCS platforms from leading international vendors, to reflect the growth of our chemical expertise and services.
· Reactor volumes: 1,000 – 10,000 ltr
· Reactions at −90 °C to +650 °C
· High pressure reactions (up to 80 atm)
· State-of-the-art distillation, separation and drying facilities
· Highly flexible production concept
· Quantities: over 100 tons

Project Management
Xingyu’s best-in-class project management services with an ever-growing toolbox of technologies assure fast and reliable customer responses, technology-based proposals and shortest time to market. We offer clear, milestone-based management of projects in close consultation with our customers to help them achieve success in the marketplace and in the fields with the help of many cost-saving and production-enhancing services.

Backward Integration
Our facilities have been continuously running 24/7 for more than 16 years, generating various key starting materials.
We have extensive experience in chemical custom synthesis, and offer customers the benefit of a professional R&D staff, high quality work, and an excellent customer service.
Basic intermediates for the Agrochemical are produced in continuous, world-class production plants in the heart of China to guarantee quality and efficiency.

Some Core Reagents & Intermediates
· Anthranilic Acid
· Br2, Cl2, F2, CO, SOCl2, COCl2, PCl3, POCl3, PCl5
· Complex Hydrides (NaBH4, etc.)
· Cyanogen Bromide & Cyanogen Chloride
· Dihydroxybenzene
· Diketene
· Ethylene
· Hydrogen
· Hydrogen Peroxide
· Hydrochloric Acid
· Hydrocyanic Acid
· Lithium Alkyls
· Metals (Na, Li, Mg, Zn, etc.)
· Oxalyl Chloride
· Tetrahydrofuran

Reaction Technologies
· Acylation
· Alkaline Hydrolysis Reaction
· Amination
· Ammonoxidation
· Carbonylation
· C-C Bond Formation
· Cyclization
· Diazotation
· Esterification
· Etherification
· Ethoxylation
· Friedel-Crafts Reaction
· Halogenation
· Hydration
· Hydrogenation
· Isomerization
· Nitration
· Nitrosation
· Oxidation & Reduction
· Ozonolysis
· Phosgenation